Share graphics for social media, public and private donors: 

Print holiday thank-you card for donors


360-degree film ft. Ewan McGregor "On the Road to Making Polio History"

What Does It Take to #endpolio for Every Child?

An Incredible Journey

The Race Against Polio


F2F Job Promotion Video: Video director: Gergely Tomasovszky
Video editing: Designbyad

version with English subtitles (click on the link)
Welcome video for new donors: 

In a relationship-based fundraising the smartest thing to do is to focus on a Donor Journey. The more fulfilling the journey, the better life time value of a donor. It’s indeed cheaper to keep existing donors happy, than to recruit new ones. The Welcome Video to new donors is like the first love letter from your partner: it should be memorable and keep you interested.

Here is my solution for WWF Hungary: a combination of a touching “We Are Connected" video and a personal welcome message from the CEO in Hungarian, making each donor even more connected to the natural treasures in Danube-Carpathian region.

A new landing page in WWF Bulgaria for online giving: 

The call for action is to symbolically adopt a baby lynx to save local forests in Bulgaria. A donor can easily give a gift with a help of a credit card. Regular (monthly) donors are the most diserable donors, as their committed contributions allow WWF to make a long-term impact.

While Bulgarian is about lynx, Romania is all about bears! Bear with us a little bit longer! :) ...and remember to symbolically adopt a brown bear.


Highlights of my work at Central European University 

Baobab Leaves Campaign 

Video production during the Random Acts of Kindness Week at CEU

Winter holidays greeting and solicitation video
Concept, script and editing of the video Pass the Gift Forward!

The 80 Challenge Campaign: CEU does not end after graduation! This thought inspired me to create the 80 Challenge Campaign brand and CEU to Infinity theme back in 2009/10. We raised $80,000 for student scholarships and celebrated 80th birthday of the University's founder and renowned philanthropist, George Soros. 

  • We collected 80 Reasons Why We Love CEU from alumni. Then we also invited alumni to participation in the photo contest “Focus to Infinity”. They hunted for the infinite forms and manifestations of the Infinity sign-- ∞ -- anywhere and all over the world: from the roof tiles to the clouds, in jewelry shops and pairs of sunglasses.
  • On the 20th Anniversary of CEU, the facebook competition went offline. The selected photos were featured at the  exhibition at university. Great to see the connection between digital media, art and lifelong pursuit of happiness and truth :) 
  • CEU alumni clubs all over the world organized mini CEU reunions in their own cities and sang the 20th Anniversary Reunion Song "Celebration" by Kool & the Gang on-camera. "Celebrate good time, come on!"

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