Friday, November 18, 2016

Watch UNICEF's new VR video and join Ewan McGregor on a 360 journey to end polio forever

Meet a 9-year old Job, one of the last children in Kenya to contract polio. Spend just 5 minutes of your time to step into another world and discover what life is like for children suffering from this paralyzing disease. Get inspired by tireless efforts of a female vaccinator, Sabina, who will do whatever it takes to stop polio. Finally, get motivated to act, as encouraged by UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Ewan McGregor, who narrated the VR film.

I've been lucky to work on this innovative project and the VR fundraising campaign with an amazing team of colleagues. It was challenging and rewarding to translate technical language and programmatic concepts into a simple and appealing story. While technology creates an impression of presence "in the field", the story remains an integral element in providing an exceptional viewing experience. Coupled with intimate moments and unique locations, ‘You are there: On the Road to Making Polio History’ invites you on a visceral journey of polio eradication. Hope you too will join us in ending polio now and making history today!

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